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The Tabernacle Homes Advantage

Winning at the Numbers Game

Because most Home Buyers and Real Estate Professionals are not educated in the construction process they boil their decision gathering process down to numbers (cost per sq ft).  This would make sense if like automobile purchases, where all cars are built the same [you can get the same car from different dealerships] but all builders do not build the same way.  Therefore all homes have different cost basis, a builder at $110 psf, might actually be cheaper than another builder at $100 psf when you factor in the differences. 

Cookie Cutter vs. The Value Concept

Because of the numbers game most builders offer strip down (cookie cutter) base prices on a home that does not offer the discriminating consumer what they really want.  By the time you add in all the upgrades you want the price has gone up dramatically.  [Builders who include upgrades in their base price at first appear to be higher but because they include many upgrades in their base, are actually a better value because they pass on value purchase buying onto the consumer in their upfront cost.]  This is the main difference between large Track Home Builders and Custom Builders.  If you do your homework, you will find that Custom Builders are almost always, a better value, appraise higher, have better quality and resell for more money.  The following is a list of features included in the base price of every Tabernacle Home, these are often upgrades for many other builders in Johnson County.


1.   Exclusive, Online Pricing Web Site

2.   9 ft basement walls instead of 8 ft

3.   No pole between the 2nd and 3rd car garage

4.   Insulated Garage Walls and Ceiling

5.   Name Brand HVAC Systems

6.   Name Brand Pella Windows

7.   30 lp Roofing Felt (instead of 15 lp)

8.   Built in Door Blinds (rear exit doors)

9.   Grocery Door to Garage (per plan)

10. Generous Carpet and Tile Allowances

11.  Passive Radon System

12.  2 Stage Variable Speed Furnaces

13.  10 Year HVAC Parts Warranty

14.  Granite Kitchen Countertops

15.  Stained Cabinets Throughout Home

16.  Metal Stair Balusters and Oak End caps

17.  Ball Bearing Cabinet Rollers

18.  $1,500 in Landscaping Allowance Included

19.  $2,000 to $3,000 Sod Included (per plan)

20. Basement Bath and Bar Stub Included

Our hope is that this information is helpful in the search for your new home.





Chris Carley & Steve Trued

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