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Tabernacle was referred to me so my wife and I toured a couple homes that were built by Tabernacle. We also toured several by different builders. It was obvious to us that Tabernacle builds quality homes. They are not just built well but the attention to detail in the woodwork and the finishing touches really set them apart from their competition.

At the end of the building process I am happy to say that without you our house would not be near the home that it is today. I can truly say that it was awesome working with Tabernacle at every stage. They worked diligently to ensure that we were informed during every aspect. Also with their vast building experience they were able to present unique and innovative ideas to improve our home design to take it to a higher level of excellence.

I’m so glad that we chose Tabernacle for this journey. I have never seen a company that can execute home building with this high of a standard, is more honest or has higher ethics.  I felt like I was building my dream home with friends and that they didn’t just put a bunch of pieces of wood together but they shared in our joy of making it the home that we always wanted.

If anyone is not utilizing Tabernacle they are selling themselves short! Chris and Steve are outstanding people.

We wanted to build the home of our dreams and that was definitely achieved.

I truly love my home and your guys did an amazing job!!!


-The Kennedy Family



Dear Chris,


We really don't have the words to express our graditude.  Each time we met we were unsure just how to express how grateful we are for the generous gift you've provided us in this home.  You can be sure we understand the sacrifices you made to make this possible and we simply can't thank you enough!  We adore the home and thenk the Lord for you and His faithfulness to us all!


-The Shade Family



Dear Chris and Tabernacle Team,


"From my initial meeting with you and your sales staff, to negotiations, contracts, structural design, interior design, construction, closing, and now follow-up work after moving in; our expectations have been exceeded. All of your staff have performed with great professionalism, knowledge, talent in their field, and respect towards us, especially my Dad :-)

Needless to say we are very happy with our homes, your organization, and our experiences and have told many acquaintances of our positive experience and how happy we are [that we] selected Chris and Tabernacle team as our premium builder. Thank you Chris, Steve, Jack, Laurie and your staff for a job well done."

Regards !


-Khalid Asad & Family



My wife and I recently moved into our dream home, a Bellagio story and a half (4800 sq ft on the main and second level) built by Chris Carley and Steve Trued of Tabernacle Homes.  I wanted to thank both Chris, Steve, Laurie and their entire team and all the subs for all their hard work as well as their patience in working with us to create our version of their plan.

The experience -We signed with Chris and we began building in March.  Despite known cost increases for steel, concrete and lumber Chris honored the 2011 build cost.  Chris went out of his way to help us find a lot in a neighborhood offering estate size home lots.  Best of all the lot was below market value and sold by owner instantly saving us 3% realtor commissions on the seller/developers side. By Mid March the foundation went in and we slowly watched the home progress.  My wife and I might be considered  a builders worse nightmare as we are slight perfectionists and we were on the job site every day without fail, camera in hand. Once the house was framed in, Steve Trued took over the build.  As partners, Steve and Chris are well paired.  My view is that Chris is the new business development guy and Steve is the Project Manager.   Steve kept his subs on point and his presence insured that details were adhered to given the nature of high end home builds.  What started out as a standard Bellagio with an oversized 42' deep/1600 sq ft garage took a turn with lots of custom upgrades.  We were making changes on the fly and Steve was very good about providing estimates on the costs as well as very receptive to the changes in general.   I have seen too many builders use upgrades as their profit center, so considering that "Pella" windows, hand scraped hardwood floors and so many other upgrades were standard to begin with, the changes we made definitely had positive ROI and made our home one of a kind.

Prior to closing, I had two welcome surprises.  First, the conservative home appraisal came in $30k over the closing price.  I was feeling pretty good that I had some instant equity.  Second, I had my home inspector visit prior to close and he did an energy evaluation using a blower fan with elaborate meters as well as temperature sensing cameras to find the source of any drafts.  The verdict "if the house was any tighter, you would need fresh air returns"  Given the size of the house, this was important to me as my first full month energy bill came in for a very cold December and it was significantly less than my prior 3500sq ft home!  Wow, money well spent on the blown in insulation upgrade that Steve recommended (it will have paid for itself in the first 12 months - great ROI)!

Thinking about building with Tabernacle.  Great choice if you do not want a cookie cutter house and you want a full custom experience.


-Jon & Nikki Peckman



I know dozens of people in my neighborhood that have built or purchased a new home from Tabernacle Homes, LLC (Builder: Chris Carley) and they couldn't be happier.  Chris Carley with Tabernacle Homes, LLC is one of those builders who will bend over backwards to do anything he can to make a client happy.  One of the factors in choosing Tabernacle Homes, LLC as our builder was the fact that Chris is a part time minister of a local church and we felt that we could trust him with our money and our new home.  Since our initial meetings with Chris Carley several years ago we have built two homes (2007 & 2010) with Tabernacle Homes, LLC and it has been one of the smoothest, easiest processes that you could ever go through.  My wife and I like to live in a new home so above every 3 - 5 years we like to sell our house and move into a new one.  We will continue to build our new homes with Chris Carley and Tabernacle Homes, LLC because we know what value we're getting and we know what kind of great customer service that they provide.  If you are looking to buy a new home or build a new home give Tabernacle Homes, LLC a try.


-Jeff and Kristi Sheppard- Cedar Creek



Dear Chris & Steve,


This note is long over due.  I want to express our heartfelt gratitude for making this dream come true.  After a severe family tragedy, Jeff & I didn't know if we would ever experience joy and hope again.  I truly believe Chris, that our amazing God crossed our paths.  The joy of waking up and optimism of the day has replaced and the two of you and your entire team has made that possible.  I don't know that I have ever seen Jeff this happy!

I have such admiration for what you do and the quality of work you represent.  We have been blessed.  When you handed us the keys, we may just have melted on the spot!

In Friendship,


-Jeff & Julie Taylor




Mette and I wanted to express our appreciation to you and your entire company for our new home. It was a long process, but very worth it as we enjoy our home. Throughout the process, we have been able to get our questions answered and our concerns addressed. We especially want to recognize Brandi for her assistance in getting us into numerous homes as we were finalizing our decision. Then, we'd like to recognize Jack for his work on the job site and ensuring that our home was built well. You all have gone above and beyond in making our dream home a reality. Once again, thank you very much!


-Steve & Mette Olsen


Our experience began with a viewing of two Bellagio model homes last spring that were both substantially similar to the one we are nearing completion on.  We instantly fell in love with the unique plan, on design and value.  Our interaction with Chris sealed the deal after we met and got to know each other.  I had met with other builders in the past (4 years ago) and got nowhere near the same impression of trust and integrity that I got, and still continue to appreciate with Chris, Steve, and their entire wonderful company's staff, to this day.
Chris actually helped us to find the lot of our dreams...positioning us in a neighborhood poised for an instant equity gain that we would have never probably even heard about had it not been for Chris recommending we "take a look up there".
Our home, is a semi-custom home.  That means we essentially modified a builder's existing plan with our individual requests.  In our case the Bellagio plan had to incorporate a modified 3rd car garage in order to satisfy the developer's subdivision requirements.  
Modifications take time!  In our case, the Contract was signed (yes, with full awareness of the aforementioned buy-out clause clearly noted and even discussed) in late April, and the permit was issued mid-July.  Excavation started the next day once the permit was obtained in mid-July.
I work on engineering and heavy industrial construction projects for a living, and would comment that Tabernacle's overall schedule performance rivals what my company does on a daily basis on multi-million dollar projects.
Cost Projection Observation:
I have had price certainty, within any rational person's reasonable expectation, from day one.  I found the Excel sheet described by the reviewer as quite helpful and thorough.  The upgrades I assume the reviewer is talking about below might be things like tile, flooring, and finishes.  The builder relies on suppliers for that information.  During selections, the suppliers show you what is in your allowance, and also show you alternates.  You can easily ballpark the value of the upgrade yourself during selection if you do some basic math and can calculate the square footages.  The supplier can advise the $/s.f. premium to aid in the decision process.
Change orders on our home have been very reasonable and have been only on items that I have directly asked for.  Any buyer should be aware that changes are inherent in the evolution of any build project.  Budget accordingly.  For example, upgrades to home audio (sub price), upgrades to tile and flooring (supplier price), appliance upgrades even vs. a generous allowance (Factory Direct price)...easy, just have a reasonable (5%) "slush fund" set aside for this.  It's your will want to make changes as you go as you experience the alternatives and wide array of selections available vs. any model you may have toured.  I've always found Tabernacle to be more than willing to accommodate us in this regard.   Personalization is where you can have fun building a house, or turn it into a varitable hell for both parties if you are indecisive or are not budget conscious as you are making changes on the fly.
The allowances are clearly defined on the Excel scope document...clearly and concisely listed on one page.  Laurie in the office can also help if you have questions on budgets.

What I observe, as expected, is a builder acting as construction manager enlisting multiple reputable subcontractors in a timely manner to complete our home.  Tabernacle is working on over 16 homes last count, so they presumably have adequate backlog and solvency.

We observed subs with multiple employees WORKING OVERTIME to complete our home as promised (7-8 months from Permit).
In closing, something one must realize from day one in a custom or semi-custom home build project, is that it is a partnership between you the Owner and your Builder.  When one side or the other is dishonest and not forthright (or indecisive for that matter), that partnership, built on trust, is broken.  You are not building a cookie cutter tract home in a slap 'em up subdivision.  
Communication is also a key ingredient in fostering this trust.  Adjust your expectations accordingly, try to relax and enjoy this unique lifetime experience in the process!


-Chris Brzon



We chose Tabernacle because of word of mouth.  We heard that Chris and Steve were hands on, cared a lot about their business and were directly involved on a daily basis in the process. From day one, we found this to be true. The best thing about Tabernacle is working directly with the business owners, not any middleman! The guys take direct ownership of the ways things get done.

We had high expectations because I had many of my own ideas, I didn’t want to build a “model”, but a custom home, and I wanted to keep the cost under control as well. That was a delicate balance for sure, but Chris and Steve were helpful, patient and open to ideas all the way through.

I feared unexpected costs and getting taken advantage of when I would think of building. I didn’t want to build with anybody that I could not call directly, or who wasn’t fair in pricing, or pushy about personal ideas or decisions.

I knew going through our build that Steve and Chris did have our family’s interests at heart, they wanted to build us a home we would feel good about, in all aspects. They worked with us to make decisions, helped work through issues and were always available for anything we needed. The entire build wasn’t stress free, but I knew that we were not ever undervalued as clients, and that how we felt mattered. I know many people who end a home project very unhappy with their builder, and I will never feel that way. I will wave and stop to talk to the guys anytime I see them.


-Johanna Koparanyan



We decided to build with Tabernacle Homes because of their commitment to quality, price and value.  Their customer service is excellent!

We had high expectations because it is our retirement home that was built by Tabernacle Homes.  Chris, Steve, Joel and the rest of the team exceeded our expectations.

We have been through the building process before and it can be a grueling one.  However, the whole experience was a very pleasant one overall.  When we had concerns, we talked with Chris or Steve and they were immediately addressed.

We have recommended Tabernacle Homes to several people because of the pleasant experience we had when building our home.

Our experience with Tabernacle Homes reinforced the integrity by which they operate their business.


-Bob Drummond



Tabernacle Team,


Thank you so much for our beautiful home.  We love it!  We can't thank you enough for allowing us to move in and avoid temporary housing.  We also appreciate all you did to get our house the way we wanted it...shelves in the closet, shower dorrs, etc.  Thanks for your patience and support during our issue with our buyers also.  You have been great to partner with.  Thanks so much for everything!


-The Wells



We chose to build with Tabernacle after sitting down and talking with Chris and Steve. They made us feel comfortable and reinsured us that we would be a part of the process through the entire build. We wanted to choose an honest, friendly builder that allowed us to be a main part in all decisions of design and finishes.

We always heard the horror stories about building but Tabernacle honestly made the process as fun and stress free as possible. They were easy to talk to and worked with us to include all our ideas to give us our dream home.

The finishes helped set Tabernacle apart as well as the great family feeling of everyone we dealt with through the build process. I would definitely recommend Tabernacle to a friend or family member who is thinking of building a home!

-Josh & Kaylee Adams



Tabernacle is very focused on delivering excellent client service and on building a home of exceptional quality. Steve Trued was enormously helpful in all stages of the construction project, as were other members of the Tabernacle team with whom I worked. The design and quality of my home are superior in all respects. The subcontractors that Tabernacle hires all meet Tabernacle's high standards of quality workmanship, excellent service, and genuine friendliness.


-Doug R



We love our new Tabernacle home!  Steve and Chris made the building process very easy and with as little stress as possible. They were very upfront with us and there were no surprises - except that the house was done ahead of schedule and under budget!!!

One of the reasons we picked them was because of the unique features that their floor plans have - we love the hidden walk in pantry, the swivel TV entertainment center, the extra kids play area above the garage, etc. We plan to build our next house with them!


-Ben & Bridgett Harder



We liked the Bellagio Side-Entry plan that we went through that we felt was a great value.  Having built a home before, we knew what to expect.  However, Tabernacle did a much better job keeping the project moving and finishing in a timely manner.  The decorator services provided also helped speed the process up and reduce stress by helping with the selection process. We are very happy with our finished product!


–Craig Seiler



Going into the initial purchase, I was completely averse to building a home.  I feared upcharges and cheap workmanship at every corner once a deal was signed.  This simply was not the case with Tabernacle.  In fact, they were my first choice when I went back to finish my basement a year later.

We were really intrigued by the Meadow Glen V, which has 5 bedroom/5 bathrooms all upstairs.  After seeing the quality and meeting with Chris I was both impressed with the workmanship and comfortable that Chris was someone who I could deal with evenhandedly.  I do not think Tabernacle can be beaten as far as what the buyer gets for their money.  I even went back to Tabernacle at a later date and had them finish my basement.  This time around I dealt primarily with Joel.  He was great to work with and the people who worked in my home never made me feel uncomfortable opening the doors even with my wife and young children being present without me.

I believe that the educated consumers who familiarizes themselves with what is available in the market would logically conclude that Tabernacle is the best buy in town for their new home.


-Shawn Rogers



We highly recommend Tabernacle Homes if you are looking to build a custom home. They were wonderful to work with in designing our house and went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with the final project. Their entire team are professional and have very high integrity. We love the final product and would definitely use them again if we had to do our project over again.


-The Nickels

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